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Creating And Becoming

What we do

We sponsor Twitch Streamers and anyone affiliated on trying to become a Live streamer, a Infuencer, Musical Artist, Upcoming Youtuber and being the best at it. Promoting there channels and any content they provide is the best way any entrepreneur can get there name out there. As a streamer we help with making the clients Twitch Banners, Overlays, Welcome screens, Emojis Pretty much everything a streamer needs. If you are a Youtuber we give you editors which also do your Music for intro videos and outros on your channel and merch promotion and merch distribution. Same goes for Just being a musical artist or vlogger !

We Get It :)

We are probably the only compay out here who are 100% true to the service and to our creators we know it's super HONEST and BLUNT, NO bullshit. We make it happen and we love anyone who is here, ready to go , and be a big part of the company. We are here to build relationships and establish connections with you and your community.

As for the other questions

We do not handle any of your personal sponsorships you earn while being with us. We Believe that that is your hard work earned and anyone interested in affiliating you with free stuff and promotion by all means thats all you :)

We also discuss discount rates for you and your merchandise you get discount codes and you also get a affiliated code and link to track all of your potential purchases and realtime traffic to see what your community likes in terms of your Merch and sales.

You get paid twice a Month 15th and 30th of every month along with real insights through your affiliate login account you get to see amount of clicks your link gets, Money, Traffic and invoice to show proof.

And before we do any merch LAUNCH we send samples to make sure your drop goes 100% your way ! :)

You have a choice

We offer two choices Included into our services

As one of our Influencer's we want to make sure you're comfortable with everything we do for you with the fiverr option we can go through a list of creators and hard workers on the platform to fit your needs for specific things such as Designers for merch to Graphic artist doing your work giving you the ability to see there work first hand. And we pay for it as part of your services.

2. G.A.M.E
Have the option to work with our awesome Graphic Designers and Creators and producers and see what they can offer you and show you there skills to become successful I can guarantee you wont be disappointed. But if not hey! that's okay.


Being able to give out your own merch is freaking amazing and as a community and content creator/Streamer this is a big opportunity. With services we provide you the ability to do just that. You give us the ideas we will make them and do them with your last say and see your community wear your awesome Merch!